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Clean Media • Process Installations • Water Treatment

About the company

Our company CM Systems offers engineering and turn-key execution of generation, storage and distribution systems of ultra-pure water, purified water, water for injections, clean steam as well as process installations and solution preparation systems for the pharmaceutical industry and also cosmetic and food & beverage industries.

We manufacture purified water generators based on reverse osmosis and electrodeionization technology, pharmaceutical DTS shell and tube heat exchangers and a full range of water treatment systems. In addition, we cooperate with the leading European manufacturer of water for injections and clean steam generators as well as solution preparation systems - the Italian company BRAM-COR, representing this company on Eastern European market.

Our range of activities is complemented by services on derouging and passivation of stainless steel pipelines and vessels by the means of neutral pH-based ecological products manufactured by the Swiss company ATECO.

Our own highly qualified team of specialists offer assembly and installation of stainless steel pipelines by means of orbital welding, carried out in accordance with the cGMP rules of pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to assembly works in stainless steel, we offer a full range of plastic piping installations: PVC, PP, PE, PVDF, including installations executed in technology of BCF (Bead and Crevice Free) welding.

We offer to all our customers after-sales service. In order to ensure the highest comfort of operation of our facilities, we encourage you to conclude permanent maintenance agreements with our company.

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